Golf Apparel for Men and Women

Women’s Golf Apparel

It is hard to define what a woman could wear when following a certain dress code, as they are able to adjust the standard dress code to their liking, as long as they follow the basic conservative rule. Ideally, the common set of golf attire for women is a collared shirt and golf pants. Women could choose whether to wear sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved shirts. Other alternatives to the collared shirts are golf shirts and golf blouses for women. They could match their attire with a cardigan, sweater, or a jacket, depending on the current weather.

Golf ApparelSome golf courses even allow their women golf players to wear golf dresses. The dress is acceptable as long as its length is acceptable; that is, it could go as short as two to three inches above the knees but no more than that. The dress should also be conservative and sophisticated.

For women preferring tops to dresses, they could match the outfit with other bottoms rather than the golf pants. Other options they could choose from are skirts, shorts, full-length pants, or skorts. Women are not allowed to wear denim, form fitting, tight, see through, or mini bottoms. They are also not required to tuck in their tops into the bottoms. In fact, there are tops that cannot be tucked in because they are too short.

In choosing full-length pants, women should ensure that the end of the pants should fall to the top of the shoes. The common style for the full-length pants is Capri pants. The common color for these are neutral colors though more and more are starting to wear bright hues to the golf course. Another popular choice for women’s bottom is the pinstripes. The pants, regardless of the design, should fit comfortably. Women could also select between a pleated and a flat front, though this is best based on the body type of the woman.

For those who prefer shorts, skirts, or skorts, they should make sure that the bottom is not too short. To check, they should make sure that the bottom is at least 5 inches off the seams. Moreover, women should look at how high the bottom would ride up when they are bending down.

Men’s Golf Apparel

The men’s attire is similar to the women’s, a clean collared polo shirt paired with cotton or polyester pants. However, men are not allowed to wear short-sleeved attire and the polo shirt should be long enough to be tucked in the pants. Similar to the women’s, men could also match the top with cardigan, vest, sweater, or jacket, depending on how cold the weather would be.

Since men are required to tuck in their shirts, they should select bottoms that have belt hoops. It would also follow that a belt is part of their golf apparel.

Going to the men’s bottom, men are also not advised to wear denim or other similar types of jeans to the golf clubs. However, some golf courses allow their players to wear shorts. The shorts should be long enough to go below the knee. It should also be comfortable but structured. The player could also select from the different cuts of the pants: flat front, pleated, or straight leg.

Men’s golf apparel in terms of design is much plainer than men, as too gaudy prints for men are generally frowned upon. A good fashion style for men is to choose only one article that would be patterned. The classic style for men is to wear bright tops and neutral bottoms or striped tops and plain bottoms.

Golf is a sport that shows how appearances are still important when playing. This is ultimately because well-prepared golf attire translates to well-handled golf equipment.